what we are
an alternative to getting behind the wheel after drinking
Through partnerships with local bars and taxi cab companies the Anna Armstrong White Foundation has created Anna’s Ride Home.

Our goal is not to stop people from drinking, but to establish a way for people to enjoy themselves and get home safely.

Our free cab voucher program is currently sponsored in 32 bars in the Puget Sound, and has kept over 4,000 intoxicated drivers off the road since 2003.

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calling for a ride
Anna's Ride Home is available only through the participating partners listed below and at special events throughout Puget Sound.

Anna's Ride Home is not meant to be used as a replacement for responsible decision making when you go out drinking, so please plan ahead to get home safely by using a designated driver or taking your own cab to and from your destination..
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current partners

  • Bar enters into a partnership with the Anna Armstrong White Foundation.
  • The bar's staff is trained to implement Anna's Ride Home .
  • An “Opening” is scheduled to inform patrons of the bar’s new program.
  • Intoxicated patrons are offered, or can ask for, an Anna’s Ride Home taxi cab voucher.
  • The server or bartender calls the cab company and then fills out the Anna’s Ride Home voucher with the necessary patron information.
  • The voucher is then given to the taxi cab driver who takes the patron home.
  • Patron information is strictly confidential and never used for fundraising or marketing purposes.
  • Anna Armstrong White Foundation is billed by the taxi cab companies and
    invoices the bars for their portion of the taxi cab rides.
  • Please download our memoranda of understanding for bars and restaurants.
  • Participating bars benefit from the established relationships between the Anna Armstrong White Foundation and local law enforcement agencies, the Liquor Control Board and the offices of the District Attorney.
  • Anna’s Ride Home sets the tone that the bar owner and their employees encourage responsible drinking, and that they care about the well being of their patrons -- even after they leave the bar.
  • Anna Armstrong White Foundation will use its resources to advertise their establishment and its sponsorship of this program including t-shirts, posters, website link, press releases; and newspaper, radio and television advertising.
  • It’s a simple, discreet way to help people help themselves.
  • It saves lives.

contact us
For more information about the Anna Armstrong White Foundation or Anna's Ride Home please contact us by email or call 206.914.9523 or write to PO Box 17841, Seattle, 98127.

To learn more about the Anna Armstrong White Foundation please visit our website www.annaarmstrongwhite.org.